Arya Samaj since its foundation by Swami Dayanand Saraswati during 18th century has worked in making India a better place for all. Arya Samaj has played a major role in spreading the importance of education to all; irrespective of their gender or religion. They were the greatest contributors of education to women in India. They built homes for the widows and destitute women; accommodating and training them with skills so that they could earn a living for themselves.

Arya Samaj Mandir followers owe greatest credibility for the improved status of women in the modern India. They removed “Pardha System” bringing Indian women at par with the men. They contributed the most in giving social rights, rights to read Vedas, right to educate them, and to remarry to women in India. They also worked to remove dowry system and to give women the right to choose their partner.  Arya Samaj for the first time explained Indians the difference between “good governance” and independent rule” and instigated people to fight for their right and freedom. They educated people that begging was a curse and no one could ever gain anything by being on knees. They fought to unite people, to make them stand as a nation fighting for their right against the foreign rulers, sacrificing their lives for their nation.

Arya Samaj preaches people to lead a simple and a peaceful life. It focuses on following the Vedas to make a human’s life more meaningful and purposeful. Its mission since ages has been to make this nation stand united and strong, rising each day, free from the evils of the ancient India.


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