Advantages Of Getting Married Via Arya Samaj System

Arya Samaj Marriage which was started by ‘Dayanand Saraswati’ in the year 1875 is governed by people known as ‘Arya’. The marriage is based on the concept of Vedas, which is considered as the poetry of eternity in meta language. Arya Samaj marriage is widely accepted and highly prevalent in present day Indian society. People prefer it to other kind of marriages due to its simple procedure, little expenses and universal legality. There are many benefits of Arya Samaj marriage.

Minimum Expenses:

Arya Samaj Mandir involves a few necessary expenses. It emancipates everyone whether it may be a middle class group, a lower or a poor class group from flamboyance expenditures that generally occur in traditional marriages. This way we can save ourselves and overcome the over headed money-borrowed curses. This ideal way also signifies the way to invest the same money wisely and meticulously to fulfill other important needs. Getting married via Arya Samaj institution keeps you away from all loiter procedures and flamboyance arrangements like Card distribution, a long and awaited bookings for marriage hall or farmhouse, a long listed menu, accessories for decoration, accommodation of guests, and bulky marketing/extravagances.

Protests Caste System Barriers

Arya Samaj vigorously protests caste system. Caste system is one of the major anti-social issue that discriminate the people and decrypting the unity of India.  To eradicate the roots of this anti-social discriminatory institution, Arya Samaj is rigorously propagating inter-caste marriages.

Remedy against Dowry-System:

Arya Samaj also serves as a strong remedy by eradicating one of the major anti-social elements i.e. “Dowry System”. It effectively exterminates this social curse and helps us to feed a peaceful world to save the women on this earth.

Curbing Child Marriage:

Arya Samaj System legally and meticulously follows all the rules and regulations constituted in Hindu Marriage Act. A well documentation is done before the commencement of marriage. Dully verified affidavits and other documents are submitted to confirm the actual date of both the bride (18Yrs.) and the groom (21yrs.). In this way we again stand ourselves in a community that fights against the social-curse of Child Marriage.

Prohibition of Alcohol and other Intoxications:

You are completely free of hassles and undesirable problems. In this way you can save yourself by adopting Arya Samaj Marriage System.  Since all type of alcoholic and other intoxicating products are completely banned and prohibited in Arya Samaj Marriage temple, it eliminates the chances of unfortunate and painful incidents those generally occur in traditional marriages. Overall you can enjoy your marriage in a hassle free and peaceful manner through Arya Samaj Marriage System.

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