Arya Samaj Marriage Procedures

The foundation of Arya Samaj was laid to help Indian society do away with the unnecessary evils of caste system etc. and help break out of long traditional marriage procedures of Hindu religion and help people get married in a simple manner with no wastage of money on extravagant arrangements. Arya Samaj marriage gives importance to the holy nature of marriage ceremony and disregards the assumption of marriage rituals being a cultural belief which has to be followed.

Arya Samaj marriage has all the essential elements of ideal marriage, still maintaining the simplicity of procedures to ensure the entire ceremony is conducted within 1-2 hours. The marriage involves ceremonies like brahmbhoj (food), mehendi (henna), chudha/ thread ceremony, havan pooja, kanyadaan, parikrama, pratigya mantra, surya darshan, sindoor daan and still it doesn’t include the more lavish procedures which are time and money consuming.

Arya Samaj makes sure to provide proper marriage certificate after the wedding from a law abiding institution. The couple who wishes to get married is required to furnish simple documents like their proof of age, photographs etc. and need to get some witnesses to make the marriage possible. Samaj also makes available facilities like photography, simple catering etc. for the couples. Majority of couples that approach Arya Samaj are the ones which are inter caste and are fighting this evil of Indian society and in this struggle, Arya Samaj marriages helps them incredibly by ensuring low costs and simple sacred wedding.

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