Arya Samaj Marriages: A Perfect Boon

When it comes to social norms and systems, India is still caught amidst the age old beliefs of caste system and superstitious traditions. These cast systems and beliefs also flow into the marriage culture in India.  Marriages in Arya Samaj help us to put this inter-caste marriage system behind us and to avoid pompous show-offs in weddings. The Arya Samaj marriage come refreshing new era and helps us to develop a holy, open and civilized culture around the world.

Today, on one hand where marriages have become a source of expenses and earnings show-off, we have Arya Samaj marriages on the other hand which have solemnized the entire ‘marriage tradition’ in India by liberation in expenses and other unnecessary rules and regulations. People from any caste or schedule can easily come to Arya Samaj Mandir and take vows with their beloved ones.  Marriages in Arya Samaj are good examples for people who believe in rituals rather than in making their weddings flamboyant act.

The procedure for Arya Samaj mandir is quite simple. Any Hindu or non-Hindu can come for his or her wedding and follow the Vedic rituals at the temple to get married with their soul mate. All marriages in Arya Samaj are equitable, whether it is love marriage, inter- religion marriage or inter-cast marriage.

Marriages in Arya Samaj are preformed under all social and legal acts according to the current law. Both the parties have to present their evidence certificates before wedding for processing their marriage.  Arya Samaj is continuously trying to erase all the social discrimination from the society by promoting the theme that that marriages are made in heaven and have nothing to do with money or anyone’s social status.


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